Monday, October 31, 2011

"...The night is still, and the frost it bites my face..."

I think I did more socializing in a week than I would normally do (in Tasmania) in a couple of months.
Zok and went out with an American friend- the day before my birthday and I believe I fell in love when she stated "What do you want to drink? I only drink champagne".
On my birthday I got up and went to my Swedish language lessons, which continue on- less about language and much more about being indoctrinated to 'being' Swedish. We had another week about why taking a 'Svart jobb' aka 'black job' aka 'under the table work' is very wrong for the fabric of society.
The subject matter does not bother me- much, but the fact that the teacher is there for maybe ten percent of the time, and then we are left to study on our own or chatter as we can in broken English or shattered, limited Swedish.

My birthday improved greatly after class. We went out to dinner with Tove and Andreas at my favorite french crepe place right up the road. The next day was the rather large Halloween party.

I've had so much skating/coaching/playing that three days off together was really strange.
But there is four days of practice coming up and a fundraiser for Team Sweden so normality will be restored.

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