Monday, November 30, 2009

That would be 'Classic' Star Trek to you!

I kept this location from Zok for far too long.
This is a small park not that far from Los Angeles, the park is called 'Vasquez Rocks', legend has it that a 'bandit' by the name of Vasquez often used this location to make a stand against authorities who were chasing him.
Although it is likely that most of you have never been to nor thought of going to this park you may have seen it in a movie such as 'Bill and Ted's excellent adventure' or in a T.V. series such as just about any classic 'Star Trek' episode that involved an outdoor 'on the planet' type location.

Zok was downright happy.

Monte was his usual, excellent, self, I was a whinging sook which was caught on an excellent video, taken from inside Monte's pocket, made by my new, early xmas present, 'the flip'.
Obviously, I am still getting used to the controls.

Oh, for anyone that is paying attention, these photos are from a few days ago, we are actually in Kauai visiting friends. I am just behind due to lack of internet access.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Low light, black and white

"Why do girls love horses"?

A photo like one of those old Jumble cartoons

Places, Spaces, varied as imagination

I wish my eyes were cameras so I could show you everything I see

it's all in the details

So many small touches I have completely forgotten until I see them again
Honey drizzled on Manchego cheese
Sea Salt that comes spilling out in small sheets
Mexican food of all types, home made, tex-mex, fresh mex; black bean, secret family recipe with hand made corn tortillas and fresh to order salsa
Craft Beer
Hand pressed labels
Vegetarian everything, including dumplings for brunch
Mom and Pop stores from the turn of that other century, still in family hands and stocking food items that bring of clear memories from early childhood

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Standin' on a hill in the mountain of dreams"

There is something I really love about California, I always feel as if I can breathe better, that my skin clears up, and my hair looks shinier.
I think my feeling is a bit esoteric-or my ability to explain how I really feel is limited, or I have a prejudice that I don't expect anyone who isn't from California to understand what I am trying to impart.
California is like a huge country to me, with the North and South being so different from each other.
I am happy and grateful to see the friends that I do get to see, even though the missing of the rest is sharpened by being here.
I have a lot of loves to keep my attention.

Mexican Food
Warm weather
New skates and the amazing Trish/Ivana in San Diego
Seeing the banked track in real life

I ignore the things that would get to me after a long period of time, such as no public restrooms; ever, smog, traffic, politics...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"stories from the city, stories from the sea"

I am constantly saying good-bye
I am constantly yet futilely trying to hold images in a way that will last
I am constantly selling myself on the next place
I am constantly trying to express to friends in a way that will bring up the understanding I mean to impart
I am constantly stealing and trying to re-create
I am constantly forgetting to do so

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Having been some days in preparation A splendid time is guaranteed for all"

Soon we are leaving, and the last days have been accelerated into a blur of activity; a huge party that went from night to morning, a rock-n-roll gig, of my favorite kind, followed by another dinner with too much food, and too much drinking.

Zok impressed new members of the public with his pie making.

Polish vodka was declared to be necessary before any of the paella was consumed, this however was somewhere into the fourth bottle of wine.
As dinner started about five p.m., I made my way through the whole evening because the evening ended by midnight. I did not however stay up until six a.m. which was when the birthday bash ended.

Next comes sorting, laundry, and packing. In some ways I will be getting lighter, leaving behind winter coats and winter accessories but then I have also picked up some second hand xmas items so really as far as the airline is concerned, I probably have not lost any weight.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Young blokes sitting on the benches shouting at the young girls walking around"

I did not do any cooking, only eating.

Zok can now make a homemade pie from memory, and in a very short time.

There is a lake nearby, and everyone in the neighborhood can skate on it, when the ice gets thick enough. There are beautiful large trees and wide open streets. Everything is pretty and nice, even the bus we rode to get there.

"This is the sound of the suburbs"

Official buildings in the suburbs to drop off official documents that become more official before they are then returned.
I like buildings that have art to look at, and chairs that spin in circles.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fruits that come all the way from Asia

Mostly I hate grocery stores.
Especially when I get used to them, but even as I type that statement, I have to admit that I miss the ones in America, or I miss the items that I took for granted, for example having so many cereal choices, I might not actually have bought Captain Crunch with Crunchberries more than once a year, but I did like knowing that I could buy a box if I wanted them. I also find it laughable that import food stores both in here and Australia stock Pop-tarts and Grapenuts at triple the price.
I guess I dislike the monotony of shopping for food, because currently I don't hate going to the store here (each day), and I am excited at the prospect of going to an American grocery store.
I find Swedish grocery stores confusing, and almost all of the produce comes from very far away. The fruit is mostly wrapped in plastic so that you can't be very picky in your selection. Of course it is very pricey as well. There is an open air market that is much better despite the fact that each stall owner is hawking you like they work at a carnival main way. I don't mind being shouted at when I can get pomegranates and strawberries that are better looking and half the price. I am remembering fondly the great produce we have in Tasmania, and the fact that come January the cherries will be ripe and cheap for eating.
But as with all things, there are aspects of the grocery stores here that I like. There are a lot of bulk choices, and the yogurt is amazing with more choices than I would have thought possible. Most items comes very small, so the commitment is less and I love that.
In Tasmania bags are being fazed out, which has brought in a new problem of people like myself having way to many 'permanent' bags, because each time the bag is forgotten a new one has to be purchased. Here, for as long as I have been coming here, each plastic bag cost 5kr or about one Australian dollar.
Speaking of small, I love the small trolley.

Monday, November 9, 2009

"..and swim beneath the barriers..."

Some of the Autumn leaves are holding on, but many have succumb to the force of oncoming winter and are being trampled under foot.
I may be up early with first light, outside filling my lungs with air, and enjoying the quiet beginnings of a city that is waking up, yet by 4 p.m. I feel as if it is 10 p.m., and by 8 p.m. I am convinced that I should be in pajamas reading a book with candles lit all around.
My husband is quite different when he is in Stockholm compared to how he acts or what he wants to do when we are in Australia. I refer to him as 'my Swedish husband'.
My Swedish husband likes to take a walk each day. He can be enticed to go into new neighborhoods, but he avoids museums.
My Swedish husband (due to the cold of winter) will stop into shops to warm up, he will drink hot chocolate in cafes, and stop for a beer in a pub.
If left to his own devices he would walk each day, to the same bookshop in Gamla Stan, to see if there are new books, or a book he overlooked.
Today however we are going to the Rosendahl, which is a huge, and by huge I mean HUGE garden on the royal island where they serve food made fresh from their organic garden, inside one of the glass hot houses.
The bread and pastry is made in a wood fueled stone oven.
Here, I have put up some photos from our walk along the edge of Soder island, which is the island were we stay when we are in Stockholm.