Friday, October 27, 2017

...where October went...

Despite my resolution another month has passed without my doing even short updates on this blog.  My birthday is soon and I thought to myself "What did I do last year?", and as is my habit I would come here to look.  This is the main function now that people have moved on from Blogger and/or can no longer comment.  

I think the only significant thing I did was that Saff and I drove up to sleep over in Corinna, and Stanley with the idea of getting an impression of the Tarkine forests.  We essentially drove the gold route seen on this map.  A fair amount of time has been taken up with Croquet and the sharing of our car.  

 October always has the quality of my constantly comparing and contrasting - in a way to blame my new upcoming age marker for any troubles I might be having.  
Switching back and forth between countries, and missing out on the down time of winter - takes up a lot of mental space.  On my way to the gym, I got all the way to town and the closed parking lot, before I came to the conclusion that it was a public holiday.  But then I couldn't remember the rules for parking on a public holiday.  
Here is my list that goes along with the passing of October.
Made lemon curd successfully once out of three tries,
Gardening- which involved trying to preserve many lemons, mostly I made lemonade concentrate
Volunteering time to Friends of Peter Murrell Reserve
People dropping by, phone conversations (right?! new trend), and having a house guest
Never finding the time to read, but getting a library loan, and trading in books for three new ones I want to read
The gym
Letter writing
Listing items on Etsy and Ebay...and navigating the new policy changes and wondering if this is a worthwhile use of my time

The important aspects-
Spending time with people I haven't seen in months
Enjoying the garden
Stressing over, and yet happy to have it to stress over - our home
Enjoying new music (new QOTSA)
Exploring and appreciating Hobart-town
Getting to a part of the state I hadn't been to before
Trying to understand Australian politics and trying to understand what matters to me- and where to expend my mental energy.

Stanley- The Nut- and the N.W. are definitely worth another visit- although I would camp if I had my choice.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

...where September went...

I went on two trips right before leaving Sweden to return to Australia.
I have been back in Tasmania for two weeks.
Suddenly, the calendar says October.

I had a really good time in Chester / Saltney as I do each time.
This year I kept local, going back to some areas I didn't visit the last couple of times I went.  
Right after I returned to Stockholm, I went on a 5 a.m.(!) train to Malmö, to watch a long weekend of Derby. The WFTDA Division 1 finals.

I wish I more time to update my diary here, but the Internet is going down off and on with some rainy springtime weather. I will have to try again soon.