Sunday, July 15, 2018

From winter to summer in under 48 hours

We are leaving in less than a week.  The weather has been really cold, in a way that makes any gardening task seem like that task could know...just wait until Spring returns.  I have switched in this late hour to helping with the garage conversion- coating the wood panels with oil.  The goal is that the two small rooms will be completed and items can then be stored there so that the large office space can be finished- hopefully in a week in late November when he has a week between tours.  There was a recent switch to the workspace / garage / garden tool / where the automobiles are parked area that seemed to me a distraction from more the more important areas, but now, I think I was wrong.  That area being more put together makes the project seem close to being finished.  I am having trouble with the main house due to residual feelings from the robbery.  Last time we left there was still scaffolding up from repairs to the house as a result of the robbery- the house was really clean as we had had to empty to house out to have the floors repaired.  This year I seem to be leaving the cleaning to the last day- giving me a constricted time frame.  
I know this attitude of 'That doesn't matter I am leaving soon' isn't a clear feeling, the feeling is made up of all the good byes I have ever avoided, all the times I have made a break for the state line, every bitter "You will miss me when I am gone" feeling of disregard.  This is the drama I can't seem to shake.  The entanglement of emotional build up.  But I am not alone, I am part of a 'We are in this together'.  
I always feel worry when I leave my book collection, but I have library cards, and credit cards- there are bookshops and libraries all over.  Every idle fear has an answer these days.  I have picked a book for the flights.  I have ordered a new pack of crosswords.  I have snacks to squirrel away in defense of plane food.  I have armed myself with a new outfit in case of public appearances.
I have left my friends voicemails, a digital trail of my plans.
I have grandiose notions of spontaneity - perhaps I will just spend October traveling as far as I can by train.  Perhaps I will turn up on your doorstep with a rental, a map, and enough snacks to take us both across the state line.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Dark Mofo- Week 3

One of the most interesting parts of living in a town that becomes overblown with tourism is how your everyday gets peppered with people that seem out of place.  Then, day by day, there are other changes, often to do with out of town money moving in.  People that are a bit more styled.  Local dives that become crowded.  Places to eat that seem twice the price of everywhere else.  High end cars on the road.  The lack of parking.

I am probably repeating myself, as I would in a normal, hand written journal.
I love the new changes to the museum, the added permanent pieces of art, the new wing of the museum itself.  The plans for HOMO the hotel- which aspires to be the highest standard of green-sustainability in building while looking cool at the same time.  
I love that the catalyst for all the change is a single person, even though of course, there is a huge team that enacts the vision.  He is spotted at the events- talked about in grocery line queues.

I love that I get to look into buildings that I have stood outside of and wished I could break into.  I have never been here when there has been an open city day.  All the architecture, and the stories behind them are interesting to me.

We stayed on the island for more months together than we have done since we got our own place in Sweden five- six years ago.  I have now lived in Tasmania longer than I have lived in any other place.  I am not sure if I can truly say that because of how often we are away, but then again...I was also away on tour often during my time in Seattle...Los Angeles might qualify as the place I spent the most consecutive amount of days.
 Tasmania feels much larger than it did nine years ago, when all I had was Roller Derby practice and drama.  But part of that might have been how little I fit in to that group.  Had I fit in, I might not have been so willing to switch to Sweden and I believe I am a better person for my experiences there.