Saturday, October 25, 2014

Konten på Västertorp T bana

When I came through this station I was really intrigued, I thought though that the story was made up- alas the story is true and a bit of a mystery!
A Swedish exploring group left by hot air balloon in 1897, meaning to fly over the North Pole.
In 1930 some film, and some remains were found.
The art in this station is inspired by this trip.

I can't help but think that some of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' series, has borrowed from this story. The Pullman series is one of my all time favorite children series both as a book, and as performed by a full cast in an audio series.
 I was wondering about how stark the art was, it all runs along a long tunnel exit, and the flooring is quite gray- But when you read the story it makes sense.

If you want to read about what was found look here:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Konst på Midsommarkransen T-bana

Midsommar- The longest day of the year in Sweden, where the light barely moves to twilight, and that is only for about one hour. Most if not all people in Sweden have the day off- It is an event that is hard to explain.
If you are just visiting, and do not have a local guide, the day is a bit of a mystery.  Even if you stumble upon a maypole in the park where families and friends are dancing to funny song where everyone knows the dance moves and all the words- mostly you would be lost in confusion. More than that, you might wonder at a tourist spot that is virtually empty on all main roads (everyone is away or at least in a park singing 'Little Frog Little Frog').
I think in part, one has to live through the dark- the true dark that arrives after Christmas holidays- when the snow has melted, but spring seems like a season that may never arrive.  While holding that memory, you try to endure until summer.  Then perhaps the secrets of midsommar start to reveal themselves.
I am not sure your midsommar counts if you do not go skinny dipping in a lake or some large body of water (around 3 a.m. is popular) And, I am not sure you really experience it, unless you make through the entirety of the long sunlit hours- knowing that why go to sleep- the darkness is not coming.

I think, perhaps, without midsommar in your heart, something is lost to you in the art at midsommarkransen-
I really love the copper bands all along the walls.
The wreath is made of carved wood, created and painted by a not an artist but a group working together, is so large that the photo does not do it justice.
Nor can I explain the pagen-forrest loving, communing and transitory nature of the other carving- the flowers at least keep alive the knowledge that summer will return.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Konst på Bergshamra T-bana, Göran Dahl

I have been promising myself I would save some stations for the more quiet time of winter, yet I have found myself far out on the lines and unable to stop myself taking a quick look.  However, I know from my inability to stay organized that I will forget or begin to jumble the art in my mind.
I try to keep the photos grouped by station, but now with the latest software update, when I edit a photo it saves it to the end, thus taking it out of its group.
I plan on editing my posts when I get to re-visit the stations in December- this is all on my high hopes for a snow covered city.

This station was either confusing as there are three artists involved...or I have mixed together more than one station.

The art on the wall were all some sort of etched, or layered glass panels.  They were cool as they looked different from different angles.

I couldn't get a clear photo of the mural and the floor both, which is why I have both- here you can see the mural but not the beautiful inlays on the floor.
That rock inlay is either physically from Götland and based on ancient ruins, or the materials are more local, but still based on ruins found in Götland. 

 I couldn't find out anything about the color bands running along the tracks.
 Not all the stations execute the art or design all the way out of the exits- I think it is really lovely when they do.

This glass mural above, is on the opposite of the train tracks, so you see it if you exit the train running North. The plaque described as a picture of a mobile library on a Russian culture train, and this is done by a different artist than the forest mural.

 Below is the South running tracks. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Konst på Mörby Tbana Karin Ek

This station was lovely for the few minutes I had between trains when it was empty.  The lighting was set up to cast light in a way that accentuates how the walls and panels are meant to be different colors from different angles.
The artists Karin Ek and Gösta Wessel, also had photographs put up of the workers who built (blasted) the tunnels and laid the tracks.
This I think was a bit of reinforcement about the fact that really people are in the middle of mountain. The mountain shadow painting on the vaulted ceiling look grey from one side and pink from the other, dark flooring with light blue benches.

Additionally there was cool lighting on the elevator up to the one exit.  

"...and shining it down the vine, out of her nightmare, back into mine..."

For anyone who might be stopping back to see what I have been up too- I thought I'd mention a few events that are not looking at subway art.
I do not want to make the impression that I am just a girl alone...riding the rails...
The top photo was my best second hand shopping score in ages.  So good I am not going to mention where the store is.  I got a few designer (Swedish) items- casual clothing to be sure, but still a score, many dvds including harder to find ones such as 'Moon', and 'Rock-n-Roll Highschool', Pixar in Swedish, a few vintage children's books, and best of all a heap of textiles.  All for about 150 kr. or $25 Australian dollars. Joy!
The other photos are both showing (as I am only just realized) what a jerk I look like in the 'vip' section of shows...
We were seated in the 'royal' box for a show recently, this was actually because of an over sale of tickets (reserved guest seating got sold accidentally).

Mostly, I have just been wrapped up in how happy I am that it is Autumn.
I love the rain! I love kicking my way through heaps of fallen leaves. I love to sit in the (suddenly) quiet outdoors and contemplate the sky.
Typically, I also love sweaters, and have been congratulating myself on buying some during the heat wave of this last July, they were super cheap and they great for walking.
Zok is home, but soon to be gone on a tour that seems to be getting longer and longer. Meanwhile, each day I sing the song I made up about how wonderful snow in October would be, and do my weather witch dance.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Konst på Hallonbergen

This station's name translates to 'Raspberry Mountain' and the art seems fitting with that name.  The sign did not translate that well, so I am going with my interpretation of the translation.  The artist's are Elis Eriksson and Gösta Wallmark. The work was meant to be representations of children's fantasy worlds, with some of the art coming from the artist's children, some created by the artists themselves and some copied from other school children.
The sculptures are meant to show the innocence of children's art, and all together they hope for a station welcoming to children of all ages.