Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thorildsplan Tunnelbana or how Sookie tried to beat the rain

Two days of non-stop rain. The two days I had for personal skating. One of STRD newer referees invited me to a skate park that is under a bridge and often skating in the rain is possible due to the amount of pavement the bridge keeps dry.

We were not quite that fortunate, I have a massive bruise from taking off when my wheels had gotten too wet. But at least I think my crash made the 6 year old girl skateboarder feel better about her fall...

I was happy to just get out of the apartment and go somewhere new.
The park was near a station I have been meaning to go to because of the tiling there. As usual I did not have a the better camera with me.

This week I also took a bus to check out a rumored outdoor 'covered' rink. This proved to be true and although the rink really, really needs to be clean up, at least we can skate in wet weather.
So for now practice is being held there.
I am going out early today to make up my skating time. I ran the last session and therefore didn't get to skate much. I might have to ref today so, again I won't get much actual practice time.
However, next weekend I am attending a skating camp in Berlin. Being organized by the Berlin Bombshells, and run by Swedehurt and Suzy Hotrod.
I just hope I can keep up...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"...I was dumped for occupying her time..."

I was in a funk- under a cloud- trapped by the snarl inside my head.

Often the answer lies within motion.
If I had access to the service in Tokyo, a 'friend hiring' service I saw featured on BBC 'Megacities'
I would probably get through- with more ease, because I could 'rent a friend' whose duty would be to come over and spur me into action.
To arrest any fear that might be keeping home, which of course increases the snarl.

Sometimes, the answer lies inside music.
A certain rhythm that can dispel all else.

So I backed out of any obligations and got into a car to go see some live music.

The answer I am writing about is abstract so I don't have any answers to write.
I can tell you that if the new songs I heard 'The Hives' play are an indication of the next record, then the record will not disappoint.

I can also tell you that often if I see an artist I haven't seen in over a decade, I probably want that artist to have a nostalgic set list-but there are a few that I would rather hear a deepening of the music, or I want to hear the b-sides, or the songs less recognized because the hits have been worn thin by over use.
Prince is one of those artists.
He gave the audience what they wanted- I would say that I am the exception.
I had a beautiful moment during 'She is always in my hair' but mostly there was a lot of 'Sweden I can't hear you!' and 'Can I get a bit more from the left side?.' Also the set was interspersed with medley- a minute of a hit into another minute, never the full song- which was a lot like bad sex.
Bad sex is not what I expected from Prince.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

" winning smiles will do here, no prettily drawn lists of good intentions."

I have been sick, but this is a boring subject -especially to me, I want to just curl into a ball and sleep and not think about sickness.

I have been losing time within the spark of ideas that could not or would not be allowed to fit into the appropriate academic box.

Jag tränar uttal, Ja skriver meningar. Jag pratar Svenska och compris.
Jag rullskridskor, Jag mycket, mycket giller rullskridskor!

STRD practice for Roller Derby is still outside, but this time of year, the rain does come down.
Sunday skating was cancelled, many skaters skated in PRIDE and were low after late celebrating- so we decided Monday and Tuesday for skating.
Yet still the rain came down, so we had to cancel.
Some of us went to the indoor skate park at Fryshuset- Monday night is GIRLS ONLY.

In a word: FUN.