Saturday, August 27, 2016

Konst på Sockenplan, Art Sockenplan Green Line Hägsätra

If I am translating correctly this piece by Sture Collin is an homage to the painting Ship of Fools by H. Bosch  This is one of my photo sets that I feel need to be revisited- so I plan to update this post at a later time - After my extra winter time this year...the train lines need to wait until summer has officially ended here in Stockholm, as the sun is not to be wasted being inside.

*photo borrowed from the internet


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Yayoi Kusama: Moderna Museet 2016

I have been nearby (maybe the same country) tos public art installed by Kusama, but this is the first time I have been able to actually make it to an exhibit.
The exhibit was crowded, and her artwork is ready made for selfies, so often people were hogging an area of artwork trying to get the very best photo they could get.  I am happy to be happy, and not let this type of action bother me, but I do notice when someone is on their fifth a photo op.
I also wished that the entry ticket included more than one day, so that I could easily go back a few times in hopes of getting some of the rooms to myself.  I will likely do this anyway...and nice Tuesday mid-morning perhaps.

I was really pleased to find artifacts of her life included in this exhibit.

Early works-

and a new work!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

"So you have someone new I don't blame you We would all do the same as you If ever we had the nerve to..."

I think a lot about what I would call 'wasted chances', I suppose this line of thinking is as close as I get to the idea of regret.
Perhaps as I am fortunate to keep accumulating years, I strive to refine who I am, and how to express who I am- and what I think is important.
Another quality to getting older, is when I think back on a time period, I have to line up the person I was with the person I am now.
Even, if this is something circumstantial.
I often wonder why I did not spend all my time with my friends, especially when I was lucky enough to end up living in the same city as them-but of course, at that time, I worked more than one job, or I had a job that was always the priority, and quite honestly there were no boundaries, not even a set lunch hour.
I suppose these days I might try and over-compensate for that (read: overwhelm, smother, talk to incessantly until they try to run)
Luckily, they seem to survive- and I get to store up happiness.
Even though I talk more than I listen I get a lot of information, I fill in blanks, I get an idea of what their lives are like so I feel I can more 'authentically' use social media.
*Some photos 'borrowed' from K.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Konst på Högdalen Station, Birgitta Muhr

I really like this one, simple and pretty bronze (painted) tulips.
They are striking as you are just passing through the station.

Here is the artists wiki page:

Konst på Rågsved Station

This artist has quite a few public works, his wiki page is here

I, myself, feel that I lack some component that would evoke emotion for this type of modern sculpture, maybe my lack of math skill, had I understood geometry the shapes of modern sculpture would speak to me.

I was more interested in the tile work, but that work is not mentioned on the plaque.  
The bronze sculpture is called 'green bird', and sits 7 meters up.
There was an idea even though the work is done in bronze, to color it green, but apparently he changed his mind.