Saturday, October 22, 2016

Konst , Gamla Stan Station Update

I have been on this platform a lot these last couple of months, my home line (the green line) and the red line (the line to get to SFI classes) both go through this station.  Often I got to a cafe in Gamla Stan to try and go over class work for an hour.  I've had more chances to see how the art fits together cohesively between the two murals (behind the North and South running tracks respectively) with one another and the platform itself.

I have put up a link to my original post which explains the artists conception.
This station is almost always busy but not as busy as Slussen or T-centralen.
Also, it is the place where one can jump off the red line straight onto green-
So I can time my trip back from the Ropsten second hand store, straight onto my Farsta line, with the crowds, and these days...impolite society one finds while riding trains...these small wins can brighten a day.


Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere

SFI class has meant leaving for the train while the moon is still in the sky.

I am enjoying Autumn in its (to my mind) rightful place...October.
The low grey skies do make me feel a little closed in.

 The view from the front of our apartment should remain unchanged, but the back of the building is undergoing huge changes, as they pull out a park, to put in a new school, here:

This gym and the adjoining play park are being pulled out, and our street which now is a fairly calm dead end road, will the extended through to Farsta.

I brought some outdoor furniture inside to make myself some extra space, so the apartment will feel larger.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Karlaplan T-bana Konst; Larseric Vänerlöf och Tor Hörlin

I must admit that when my gf and I got off the train at Karlaplan, we were both surprised to see what I have learned is Larseric Vänerlöf photo montage behind the track that we had travelled into the station on.
Interestingly when I was googling around for information on the artist Larseric, I found this article in English that answered not only the questions about why we both may have missed the piece (repairs)- but also my questions about the neighbourhood of Karlaplan which from our Autumn (not may people) time of day (again, less people) and where we walked from struck me as "very" Parisian.

If you are interested look here:

The tile work which I was unable to really relate via my iphone is that the pieces are meant to mimic nature (as so many of the stations)- the tiles are different textures, sizes, some are raised, some are indented.  
Although this station does not have the cohesive feeling of a station that has platforms where one can see both tracks easily, instead this station has the charm of an earlier era, including an old sign for shoe repair, near where the shop must have one been located in a hallway between the two line directions.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tantolunden, a small sanctum in the center of the city.

This September has been quite warm, and bright.
I had a day alone, with no immediate tasks, so I walked from my class to my subway line instead of taking an sort of transport to connect to my line.
As the trains do not run much 'across' our side of town, one can almost walk easier than transfer.

I almost skipped going through the Tantolunden Park allotment houses, but I turned around when I realized less people would be there and I could take some photos without feeling rude.

I believe these to be the oldest allotments but there are many more set around and in neighborhoods.  The more recent ones tend to be either all garden plots (no structures) or like the one we got to stay over in a couple of years back, larger homes that families can more easily stay over.  The one we stayed in had 'facilities' in a sort of large container style...located in a corner of all the plots, for all to use.
We have both in our area, small houses near the lake, and at the edge of our neighborhood a set of garden plots.  It does feel a bit like a Christmas miracle, to be on a huge busy road, notice a small woodland path, and as you walk down it, the city noise recedes.  Finding yourself in this amazing area, with its contrast to the urban and the realization of how much nature, however small can have transformative powers.