Monday, May 20, 2019

What is a blog without photos...and poor old computer limps along

Here I am in May.  May 2019.
My computer continues to work, sort of.
We had visitors from Sweden during Christmas.  I thought I did a magic trick considering that no decisions were getting made and the time was getting closer.  Tasmania is no longer a place you can do what you want without advance preparations.
But I had just been volunteering on Maria Island, so I knew that there would be no ferry service on Christmas day, and that they expected people to arrive on Boxing day.

We had a really lovely time, and our visitors got great weather, good food, excellent wines and close encounters with young Tasmanian Devils. Or at least the one.

Only my instagram account shows how many places we or I have been since then and I still can't get photos to transfer.  But if we are friends, you probably use instagram or we talk by phone (that is once again, a thing one does!).

2019 is very much like the years before- Tasmania feels unfamiliar, I am having trouble knowing how to get things done, how to use the right about of firewood, how to drive after dark in the many pitch dark roads.

I fear this will become one more blog that is just dropped.
It served it purpose during the years of less internet access and friends with less knowledge of how to use technology effectively.
 I am happy with being about to text message and talk with people far, far away and spending less time thinking out loud.