Saturday, July 21, 2012

...They were clouds in my coffee...

Summer continues even as I can feel summer slipping away.
There is a chill to midnight that wasn't there last week.
The darkness is thickening so that after midnight I need a light to see my way from room to room.
But we all ignore this and skate around the islands, not caring about the irritated bicyclists that do not think we should be sharing their lanes.
All our new skaters that wanted to take their minimum skills test passed.  I felt especially proud of a few that didn't pass last time- because I could see clearly how far they have come and how much work they put in.

I have spent a small fortune on mediocre food and good beer, because a girl needs some energy when staying out on skates from 11 a.m.- until practice at 7 p.m., and finally skating from the train stop home at 10:30 p.m.  We have also had an STRD party at a local club- I LOVE skating in places you are not sure you'll be allowed...
Although after people have been drinking- I think the sudden motion of a body on wheels really makes people jumpy...

Zok will be home for a few days- so I am taking time to put the house in order, catch up on homework 'Fictions, histories'- which is as far as the Deakin site tells me, my class which will earn me a piece of paper.
I suppose even if this did not lead to paid work- at least I have new fodder for small talk.
Not even the temptation of ice-cream will get me out of the house today.
Laundry, reading, cleaning, followed by embarrassing movie choices.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"...cause I'll drink to you my baby...cause I'll think to that..."

How can we explain that change from winter to summer?
Where your perspective changes so completely.

Summer has arrived in Sweden.
All the hours of light, and all the people spilling from buildings into parks and onto sidewalks.  Squares once empty are jammed with chairs, tables and people making the city a new place to navigate.

I stroll through the streets, I am crushed into trains that are full even at 1 a.m.  I suddenly believe I love all of humanity and could stay out forever.

The air is scented with wild roses that grow everywhere.
The sky never truly darkens, the colors just change.

Classic cars are all around and there are always balloons along the horizon. 
People visit from other countries and this seems normal and neighborly as if Europe is just right next door to everywhere else.
I had my first lunch party on our sunny deck.
All that is Zok.
But- of course he returns every week or so, instead of every few months or so when we are in Europe- so there is that.