Saturday, April 21, 2012

Glasgow Bout-or "Sopa, hora, idiot....TJOCKIS!"

The blogger format has changed - again, and I am a bit too tired to navigate the changes.
Here are my roommates as we wander the alleys of Glasgow looking for the others so we can have dinner.

This photo sums up my feeling that I am indeed too small to play derby.
Our team lost.
By many many points.
I didn't know losing could be so much fun!

This bit of novelty sums up our Hostel.  We stayed in a Hostel that was atop a steep hill, then our room was at the very top, stairs that were strange and crooked.

The view from atop a city statue.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glad Påsk! och Påskkärringar

Sweden like Australia has a very long Easter holiday.
We live in a more 'immigrant' neighborhood so we have more stores open.

The weekend started out with an extra practice in a venue where we all were before I left for Tasmania.
We had snow falling ALL day.
Pretty, but chilly.
On the same day Zok and I were fighting the crowds to buy some outdoor furniture, because snow or no snow, summer is on its way!

Pre-easter we had some friends over for brunch. Spanish tortilla, lemongrass scones with fresh vanilla cream and strawberries, salad with pomengranate seeds,walnuts, and grilled tomatoes.
We also of course had the traditional Colleen Easter Mimosas.
Then we cleared the table and painted our eggs.

We ate at our new outdoor table which is currently inside until spring takes a real hold.

For Zok and I, brunch or early dinner with guests is perfect because everyone leaves in time for us to go back to whatever current obsession we have- movie or television.
But early, last night as darkness fell we got Påskkärringar!
This is the tradition where kids dress as witches and basically 'trick or treat' at Easter. I of course jumped up and down and clapped my hands. This was followed by smug pride that I had chocolate rabbits ready to hand out!

This week is the bout in Glasgow!
I am nervous.
But I get to stay in Wales with (faux) Aunt Cookie and that is worth a lot!

Monday, April 2, 2012

"I'm sticking to you...because I am made out of glue..."

The Hives played four unannounced shows in Stockholm.
I only had time to go to one, between practice and the bout in Göteborg, this weekend.
Emma and I met up and went to a small all ages club on Södermalm.
It was a bit of a step back in time to be in a small all ages club, that was full of sweating kids doing their best to emulate every posh pit that has come before.
We stood on some sort of drink rail against the wall, safe from the actual melee.
However, this night combined with a really cold night at practice is probably responsible for my poor condition today.
Here are some photos from the weekend bout.
I was a substitute, but at the last day, it turned out that I did get to play.
I felt proud of all the players, especially the ones new to bouting.
They did an excellent job and I had a small part in that happening.

The Stockholm people can party like no others I have ever met.
I had very little sleep my night in Göteborg. I left the party with Loca about 1:30 a.m., I moved from my bed about 3:40 a.m. when an 'after, after' party moved in. Roffe kindly took me to a house that had other quitters.
I am not sure many apartments saw their actual owners just those of us desperate for some sleep.
Here are some entries from Swedehurt, is you want to read more about Stockholm Derby.