Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Oh it's such a perfect day...I'm glad I spent it with you...

We have been home in Australia less than two weeks, and our days have been full.  Saff and I had a 'fair crack' at attending FOMA (by day) events, and Zok and I managed to share the car, and have all our guests together more than once even though we all did different things.

Zok and family went out to the Tahune Airwalk, and to have the Sushi, the best Sushi I have ever had outside of Japan, and I was sorry to miss out.  However, (The fabulous) Sid came to meet up with Saff and I and we drank our way from Salamanca to the Royal Hobart Theatre where we saw a movie from 1926, all told with Shadow Puppets and accompanied by live music.
The Adventures of Prince Achmed, music by Phillip Johnston

 Later we had one last drink on the veranda of the (newish) Alabama Hotel, before Sid went to work and Saff and I went to see and hear, Neil Gaiman read his new book.

We also went to see Amanda Palmer backed by the Tasmanian Symphony, so I at last, got to see what the Symphony Hall is like.

 There was also swimming, scrabble and Zok's delicious cooking.

And this...


Thursday, January 15, 2015

"...you were only waiting for this moment to be free..."

People often ask me what it is like to live in two places, two different hemispheres, two different cultures, two different vibes: city and small town.
I do not have a short answer.
Because this is my life, I want to say that it is easy- but I am only saying that because it is what we do and if I thought that it was hard, well, I'd be stressed.

However, as I write this, a week to the day that I arrived home, my previous post from Sweden feels not miles away, but months away- not the single week that it has actually been.

Hobart is having freak weather, more rain in 24 hours than was expected for the year, but that doesn't impact the feeling of summer.  Here I sit, barefooted, outside, in the warm air.

I have taken four yoga classes, volunteered for three hours in the local reserve, walked to Fossil Cove, and attended a free show put on by MOFO.
A show that exacerbated my time travel feeling because the band was Swedish.
They played in the Hobart City Hall.
Anna Von Hausswolff with two other band members, she played this pipe organ:

For me, the show reminded me of the live recordings I have by The Velvet Underground. And I believe her encore was a song by Nico.
I can not really express how wonderful it is to have cool shows happening in Hobart.  
Today guests have arrived! One more to come later tonight, and there is three days full of FOMA festival happenings.

I am pretty tired, but I am also happy.