Monday, August 24, 2015

Konst på Svedmyra (del två) Barbro Johansson

I love this tile work on the elevator.  I am always impressed when some object that has to be present like an elevator is made beautiful.  The tiles reminded me of a peacocks feathers.

The artist that covered the elevator, also did the tiled mural down in the ticket hall. As I mentioned in the other post, there was only a short line about who made these.  While the other art was meant to remind there was forestland nearby, there was nothing written about these pieces.  But I liked them best.

Konst på Svedmyra Tbana (Del ett) Torgny Larsson

Art behind the tracks is fairly common, on these outdoor, platform style stations.  Surprising to me, I haven't seen any that have anything to do with the trains movement.  I am thinking of graffiti in NYC that I have seen where when the train passes, the art looks in motion, like flip book.
I was surprised when I translated the artist plaque at this station that all but two lines were about these leaves.  Apparently at the right time of day (although there is that house quite close) the shine will shine through these leaves and be as intricate as when you hold a leaf up to the sunlight so you can see all the veins.
  My attention was taken by the tile on the elevator which I am putting in the next post.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Konst på Enkede Gård Tbana

Often, the artist plaque has almost no information, but every once in awhile, the artist plaque has a very long explanation.
This one did, stating that the design you see on the wall and on the statues is meant to represent the cornea of the human eye, or the corneal nerves to be exact.
 It states that the artist wants the viewer to look inward, look back, and to look at the here and now.
 I had thought, before looking at the plaque that the statues had something to do with sport or the Olympics.
This station is definitely one of the coolest on the Hagsätra line.
Not my favorite but close.  Sadly I doubt the artist expected so many to simply ignore the art, at this station the plaque was down the stairwell, and as I stood there to take a photo, I noticed a woman, noticing my actions, and she came back and read it, and started to look around.  On her face at least by my reckoning, it seemed she noticed the statues for the first time.
I get this reaction a lot when I drag people along with me to see a station.
Zok also believes I am the only person we know who has been to each station.  Is it my desire to be alone? to be in motion? to know what lies at the end of the line?  I don't know, but I have always ridden on trains and buses, just to see where they went.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Konst på Fruängen, Gubbängen och Skarpnäck T bana

I like to think of myself as organized.  I make lists, I use technology to back up those lists, I give myself a talking to whenever I catch myself being scatter brained and yet truthfully I forget both the lists and most of my own advice.
In action, the most I can say of myself is that I aspire to be organized.

I know that the only way to make sure and see all of the potential art in a Stockholm subway station, is to walk the length of the station, inside and outside. By outside, I mean by exiting through all exits and looking at the station from the street side.
If per chance you find yourself with just a spare six minutes during a transfer, the most likely scenario is that something will be missed.

I was at this end station (Fruängen) where I saw this piece by Fredrik Landergren

I even walked out with the crowd to look at the ticket hall- yet still I missed these-
because I did not completely exit the station.

But sometimes there is only a sculpture (or in this case two, like sentinels one on each end of the platform).
 Sometimes the artist is famous and has a lot of information on the web, sometimes I can find nothing at all.
This artist has pieces in the modern museum as well
Ragnhild Alexandersson

This last artist Richard Nonas is an American with art sculptures all around the world, I still do not know how the artists are picked for the stations, but the range of artists is impressive.

I think as with most of my aspirations I am as equally determined as I am ready to give up if another offer comes my way.