Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"...I can hear it in the ocean and it's always the same..."

Tasmania has had a week of unusually warm Autumn weather.  This same week has had a bright large moon visible all day by Mt. Wellington, growing brighter as the daylight wanes, to reveal all it's splendor over the ocean.  Each day after Yoga I have been bush walking or swimming.
I have also been reading 'the sound of a wild snail eating' by Elisabeth Bailey, loaned to me by my (bestie) neighbor.
I admire a slow book, a book written about a subject that is small, or slow or very constrained as this one is.
I have felt all the more appreciative - We leave in one week, soon the slow darkness and the sound of the high tides will be replaced by motion, by light, but people, people, people.
There is happiness to be had everywhere, and the mixed sadness of each leaving, and the mixed excitement of each arrival.


"...waiting through the summertime...to melt your hearts in wintertime..."

I can't meditate.
I associate the exercise with white noise.  If you don't know what white noise is, then you are probably young, and susceptable or worse looking for parenting tips, so do NOT google this phrase, do not use it to help with 'nap time'.  The only books on meditation I have liked have been books by monks, that read more like a take on positive psychology, a practice that I do believe in.
Often when I am in the ocean- floating I feel as close to perfect happiness as I know.
Of course a key to meditation is comfort and if you go swimming in Autumn you might want to make sure you bring your neoprene socks and flippers because it's cold in there.

But I can't resist the warmer Autumn days- especially when the moon is out as well.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tinderbox Hill Trail

What do I like about this trail? The distance is good about just a little over 2 miles, and most of the walk is steep.
The trail has been organized- sign posted and cleared, this took away the more bushy aspects-that I really liked, and also the land nearby is now privately owned so the end of the trail is just a 'no trespassing' sign which frankly I find unfriendly.

However I did see a pademelon which always makes me happy.

As you can see my pademelon leaves much to be desired.
Here is one borrowed from the interweb

Monday, May 12, 2014

Spot the space station!

I am trying to get in as much of Autumn as possible.
I have been up early and out late (okay the out late part is not true, but it's fall which mean it's dark early so it feels late!)

Zok and I have been going out when it is clear to see the space station go by.  I love doing this, the station looks like a bright planet sailing by- it's cool.

I have been out weeding and planting for volunteer work, and doing my best to get the house ready for our departure, this means chores such as pruning, cleaning out the rain gutters, sweeping the roof (I know, corrugated tin roof with no pitch aka flat). 
Taking time to listen to the crashing waves of high tide, and viewing the milky way from the back deck (newly scrubbed and re-coated for winter).

I've heard rumors of the Southern borealus  but I don't personally know anyone who had seen the lights.

I am sad to be leaving, but Zok says I say this each time we leave anywhere.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

"...Our land abounds in nature's gifts Of beauty rich and rare...

*IF you were to see some fairy penguins they would look a bit like these guys...they are quite small
On a stormy mid-morning after Yoga class, I went to join a group of volunteers planting one of the sea cliff sides with new native plants.
These plants may or may not be to help out a small flock of fairy penguins.
Fairy penguins that I can neither confirm or deny live nearby.
However, if you are ever out my way...