Friday, February 10, 2012

"How many times must you be told? That there is nowhere that we don't go."

"What's a pretty girl like you doing racing in a place like this?"


I have had the pleasant company of two skaters from Rose City Derby staying with me this last week.
We have had some good talks about Junior Derby. The ongoing growth and direction of Roller Derby and all the might go along with the new changes that seem to be happening at a very fast pace.

To learn about them and they vast ongoing adventures, look here:

Their league is in Portland, Oregon. So we have common ground wrapped up in the mythos of "The Northwest".
I have had a good time showing up the natural beauty of my neighborhood and they were perfect viewing company for the new exhibit at MONA.
Good wine and even better art.
Mostly I have been busy in my hostess duties, so if you are curious what we have been doing check out the blog link above.

To check out the art that I loved from the visiting exhibit, go here:
I suggest checking out the 'Tim' Tattoo shop and also the x-rays.

If you were wondering, or guessing, yes I took a picture of myself below an art exhibit because I thought the lighting was flattering.
So there.