Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bredäng Konst Tbana, Lena Kriström Larsson

I have to admit that the lack of spring-like weather since arriving from actual summertime weather really has been like a dark cloud smothering my moods.  The day I did this station, there was a bitter wind, and I also had a friend in tow, a local, which usually amounts to about 2-3 minutes worth of attention.  I think I will go back to this station to give it a bit more attention.

I couldn't fully understand the art signage, but I believe that the artist worked with the local school kids, and that there was theme that was about honoring the original nature of where this neighborhood is now.  Only, I am unfamiliar with the area, so I don't know how much nature is left, another reason I want to go have a look around.

I keep telling myself, that April isn't over, and that come May suddenly the trees will bloom and this snow mixed rain will abate, and Spring will arrive, all at once.  But in my heart I can feel a hardening, for years now I have felt myself recede from any passions I had for cities.  This happened once in 1992, when I moved from Los Angeles to Seattle- but from about 2000 I have had a steady pull to the quiet of the life I have in Australia.  Of course, we have had really bad luck this last year- and maybe I will have a change of heart- but if I had to decide today, I would go home to Australia, and stay.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mälarhöjden Station Tbana Konst, Margareta Carlstedt

The entire piece is called 'Ebb and Flow' and is an enamel piece a 145 meters long by Margareta Carlstedt.
The plaque said she won a contest in 1961.

 The judges agreed that the painting gave the feeling of light, air and music


Monday, April 3, 2017

Vårby gård Station, Art by Rolf Bergström (#53)

I came to this station on a rather, ugly weather day which is unfortunate as the time before, I had come on a bright, sunny good light day, but my phone (camera) died when I got to this station.

I searched but I could not find the artist plaque for this station, I asked and perhaps my Swedish was bad, or perhaps his was, or perhaps he had no interest in art because asking got me only an agitated display of body language.

Fortunately the artist has this station on his website and written there is:

Artistic design of Vårby Farm Underground Station.

"The station area consists of a fairly extensive system of stairs, walkways and a hall. "Flora" includes an artistic part with five large images, color scheme, two minor alterations, replacement of some of the fittings, and planting of plants (Virginia creeper) along a major wall facing the center of the square.

I've wanted to make a beautiful station, the visibility of the architectural qualities, giving the station a personal identity and a varied structure.
I have chosen to do a plethora of exotic plants from different corners. Five great photos of the plants have been burned onto vitglaserad tiles. Flowers organic beauty contrasts with crystalline architectural nooks and crannies."

If you like to see more look via this link