Monday, December 30, 2013

"...I'm going to live on a mountain...way down under in Australia..."

I can not put into words how much I love the East Coast of Tasmania.
Zok and I talk about moving out that way.
The land prices are not exactly inexpensive, and I had a moment of clarity when the woman we rented from near Bicheno, mentioned that she hadn't been to see a movie in a cinema for five years.  As the closest one was about a three hour drive.
But of course, the quiet and the glorious night sky is very tempting.
 Sadly, the iPhone is not exactly able to capture Jupiter rising over the ocean.
 But here are some photos from the daylight hours.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

" are not the only choo-choo train to be left out in the rain...the day after Santa came..."

Call it an evil plan or just call it Christmas, my engage Zok via baking into a Christmas activity was a success.
 If you want the recipes, tips or details look
I couldn't decide if I wanted to make another batch of gingerbread right away or never again.  The process was a mess, and our first try was a bit wonky around the edges of each gingerbread piece.  But we both had a lot of ideas for the next time around.

This house is for our neighbor, and actually I think the will always have to be gifts as I am positive I ate about five tons of gingerbread mistakes, cut off, and oven test cookies.

This was a template, a hard plastic template from IKEA, but it really is more barn than cottage so next time we are going to just draw the pieces ourselves.
(with some help from Martha of course).

I hear even Seattle has snow and although it is chilly enough today for a sweater, it is not chilly enough to keep the garden from growing wild, which is a sure sign that it is coming on to Summer not Winter.




Monday, December 16, 2013

"Christmas just aint Christmas without the one you love..."

Zok is home!

A week went by at the speed of one day from the previous week.
The weather seems to be turning solidly towards Summer.

The tree is up and sparkling in the sun.
Latino baby jesus is on the mantel.
Sunshine and festive Cocktails!
(Cocktails are listed on the 'Dinner with Zok' blog)

Yoga classes are available straight through the holidays (thank you bamino jesus) so I have had classes while Zok competes in yet more Croquet matches.
Our IKEA order arrived and we are rearranging the front room.  Tasmanian doesn't have an IKEA, but you can order now from the mainland, and pick up your order from a warehouse.

I had another day weeding in the reserve.
I basically tackled blackberry bushes, they are very easy to identify.
I have to say that my new gloves were worth every cent I overpaid for them.
Sadly I have to say my love for blackberries started to wan within the first hour of battling them.

I have included another building from town.
I have to turn on this corner each day I go to Yoga classes.


Monday, December 9, 2013

"...Your life is so lonely like a child without a toy. -Then a miracle-a boy..."

I survived through more pouring rain and navigating the bus system from my home to town.  I have been feeling my age through the current prices of things.  $4 to ride bus one way?  $2.55 to post a Christmas card?
My first taxable income in 1983 was $2.45 an hour, student wage.  I still have pay slips.  This fact makes me feel as if I have truly lived through the start of a new century.  

I went into a couple of churches between bus stops.  I think it is strange that in a foreign city I will almost always go into a church, but I forget to at home.
Although in Seattle I did make a point of it, but in Seattle there were author readings and symphony performances that you could attend.  I have never seen anything listed in Hobart to go too. 

I tried to put up our Christmas decorations while Zok was on tour, but I only managed the mantle piece and putting up wreath of bells on our front door.
As usual, the weather at this time of year is very unstable, pouring rain one day, cloudy and 70 degrees the next.  It truly turns to summer after Christmas or even the New Year.  But, the sun rises around 5 a.m. and sets about 9 p.m. which leaves little room for Christmas lights and decorations.
I always feel as if I am putting up lights in the middle of summertime like some lonely, lost person who has no one to tell her that it is not Christmas yet.
Plus of course the garden is going crazy with all the rain- so where I should be is out in the garden which again is not in my mind, associated with Christmas.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

"...I think I could like you...if you let me drive your car..."

I had a trip planned- especially so that I could write a blog post about it.
Surely, that is a bit lonesome-that my incentive would be about putting a brave face to the world?  But I was interested, an open day at a historic building I am curious to see inside.  But alas I was thwarted in more ways than one.
But no one would know that was what I was doing, unless I mentioned it- and I only am because my plans were dashed.
Apparently our car does not need a new fuel filter- but it definitely needs something done to the fuel system.  What is left? A fuel regulator and a fuel pump.
Isn't that interesting?
So my great plans that dealt with Christmas, making sure there was food in the house, and the rearranging of the house have all been stalled by the Jeep's third trip to the mechanic (who I trust and adore by the way-sometimes machines break and it is hard to chase down what is wrong).
I could have rallied- I could have brought up holiday decorations, I could have walked to the grocery store, today, the first solidly warm day in about a months time.
But I didn't.
I ate cheap flavored ice (think otter-pop if you are an American), and salads from the garden (seriously that is an apt example of my eating habits: condensed as much as they can be condensed- sugar-raw vegetables-more sugar-(think wine or beer)-tofu-).
I also read an entire book, a Zombie book if you want to know- recommended by a friend of a friend.  I thought about eighty-pages in, that the main character better die or the book had no redeeming qualities.  She did die, but unfortunately not until the very end.
Here is the rub- Why is the premise that society completely collapses under the Apocalypse?  Why do all the smart and educated people die off first?
Honestly?   Wouldn't there be a mix just as there is now?  I was very perplexed by the authors choice of language- bad grammar mixed with sort of random, archaic words.
Also, are there Zombie (of the modern times not you know Haitian/Voodoo Zombie mythology) stories outside of America and perhaps England (28 days that is English isn't it)?
Because it is always about 1980s vinyl, junk food and how people miss picnics.
Seriously? Picnics?? Because I can't remember getting anyone to a picnic (with the exception of a few Easters) unless it was a boy that I was still "dating".
Also what is the real turnover of products-in places like Wal-Mart because why is it 15 years on after some collapse and yet all that stuff is still left?
So here you have it, a record of December 1st, when I worked on my tan, ate trash and read trash.  I just thought there should be a document that couldn't be glossed over.