Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Norfolk: Willow Court aka Salvage, Curated Op-shop treasure trove

Willow Court and its' surrounds, as far as we could sticky beak our way in...
There is going to be an art installation during Dark Mofo here...which I would love to see but I am not sure if we are here or back in Sweden...
 As this is my life or how my life has a state of flux


St. Matthews Church New Norfolk-

 Above is my favorite window of the founding family.

...continuing on with my theme of how quickly (the south) of Tasmania is changing...I have a friend visiting and I used this as an excuse to visit New Norfolk.

The town square is unusual and striking, and I always knew the church with the stained glass windows existed, but I have only caught the church in sunlight a  couple of times.
 Sun streaming through the windows make a difference.
The last few years there have been more and shops- as well as now the willow court has been filling up with shops- salvage, antiques.
Since moving here I have heard bits (never a full story) about all these buildings (now referred to as Willow Court) that look like a small village- mostly the phrase 'insane asylum' was bandied about.  There are now audio interviews that can be heard about all parts of New Norfolk.

Here are some photos of the church-