Monday, November 29, 2010

"...but not me baby, I have you to save me..."

Hobart's second Roller Derby bout was as successful as the first. There wasn't a drop off in attendance which is the norm- so perhaps this time Tasmania always being an exception will be to advantage.

I treated both Saff and Zok to lunch the next day, as Saff was our guest, and Zok I fear was worn out by the general antics and fuss Roller Skating Derby girls tend to create. We ran into other Derby people while at lunch and for me Hobart was feeling friendly and homey.

After seeing off Miss Hellfire and Saff at the airport- quite late I have to add, only the grace and smallness of Hobart's airport allowed them onto the plane so late, Zok and I decided to see how the ABC Gardening show ( vegetable plots were going.

To my glee, there was a steam powered carousel. The oldest of its kind in the world!
I rode a horse name 'Hermione' but you'll just have to believe me because the photos did not come out.
Zok and I had a funny conversation, because as we were strolling through the gardens- I mentioned that we were the only young adults there.
Then Zok replied he'd have never got to a Botanical Garden if I hadn't made him go the first time.
Then I realized that I had always gone to them on my own, and I felt quite happy that I knew I introduced Zok to botanical gardens and second hand shopping.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"3 blind mice, roll the dice, did you ever see such a thing in your life?"

Perhaps I am feeling deep inside the promise of spring, here gazing at my lilac tree in bloom. Although yesterday I was in Melbourne were all around was blasting heat that felt as if it emanated from concrete not sun.
Still I can not bring myself to write about most of of our trip because I have don't want to sully spring with negativity.

The priests worn robes, I think they were silk, they looked comfortable.
The sandalwood incense was really strong.
I couldn't really muster the energy to get anyone to explain to me why at six months presents were given. The impression I got was that people buy other people items in representation. So a neighbor of about the same age and stature of Mara, might buy a gift from her to a grandchild.
Actually I might be completely wrong, but witness that there were presents, wrapped and all.

We did some visiting this time. This seemed to cheer Zok a bit or at least being around other people reminded us that we do live in a world outside of Lalor. Neither of us need to profit from loss.

Zok's friend PM is involved in a really cool pub called the Gasometer, on Smith and Alexander Parade.
They had my favorite N.Z. beer on tap- Montieths and a vegan/vegetarian menu. Open fire places, high booths, coat hooks and nice looking varnished wood.
The best part was the additional room which had a huge, high tin shed roof that retracts!
This will be the beer garden.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"and you will believe in love...and all that its supposed to be..."

The area where my house is located is very pretty. I would also say that I nest into my houses, like a small rodent, snug with all the important elements close at hand so that I do not have any reason to leave.

So if you are a guest, you might be so comfortable that you do not not realize that you came to visit and never saw any of the island.

This is why I try my best to make sure that our house guests get to see something, even if it is a small sliver.

Riff Raff Saff was on the island for a non-Derby reason (strange yes, but true).
But, of course, the pull of the Derby cult is strong, so she ran all of Sunday night practice, and then Reffed with us at Monday night practice.
I skated instead of reffing on Sunday and I had a really good time.
Too good actually.

Zok and I took Saff to see Russel Falls and take a long walk, and have lunch out of doors. A fairly small payment for her giving up her weekend for the advancement of Tasmanian Derby but there you have it.

Post Script:
I was not trying to dive off the Falls I only wanted a different angle for my photo...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"I don't wanna know anything that makes me sad..."

I believe if you asked just about anyone around these parts that they would have to agree that overall Hobart Town is having a gloomy, rainy, spring.
I'm not throwing around accusations, I am just trying to report the facts.
I will concede that winter may have seemed brighter only because the hours of daylight were less-two hours of sun for a nice walk, then darkness for movies.
This is a nice uncomplicated relationship. Spring however has been very promising from about 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. then some drastic weather change, a fierce cold sea breeze followed by a day with cloying cloud cover that makes the air thick and muggy. Yet the light drags on until late into the evening, so one feels they should be doing something.

I promised myself I would only write about positive aspects of Hobart Town.
So let me tell you about the Sunday Farmers Market in town. Last year this market was a bit of a let down to my expectations but this year has improved.
I met a nice puppy named Rusty (a local AU red heeler) who belonged to a stall that was selling honey.
I bought coffee from a small independent roaster.
I ran into two (!) people I knew and like.
I saw one of our Derby Refs (in training, zebra foal) who has a stall selling both vegetables and vegetable seedlings. He is a favorite of Zok's.

Zok bought more tomatoes and some 'sugar babies' a small variety of watermelon.
We also got some flour from Oatlands, where some people have re-opened an old mill and are using traditional methods to make oats and flour.
I love a bit of Luddite backlash. Especially after being horrified by watching the documentary "Food Inc.".

We have also learned about a small Italian deli/store/cheese/coffee bar.
So I guess I really did not know it all...
This is why I should stay open to possibilities, and leave the perimeter of my neighborhood occasionally.