Saturday, February 16, 2013

Second Summer

I haven't been in the mood to write anything other than letters.

There was a bit of this happening-

But mostly there has been this:

My friend Saffy came to stay and surprise! We went to MONA, (which I love) and I discovered something I did not quite cotton on to the time before.
 The tunnel that is now open is a sound tunnel.  I did realize this when Kat and I went into the tunnel, but Saffy realized that the sound changed with the amount of people, and also where the weight is applied.
So we jumped up and sat on the railings letting all the sound fade away and waited for people to come through.
Then we tried to work out if different areas brought in different instruments or if it was just weight and time.
It was good fun.

My tan is finally a tan.  The water in the bay has been warm more than once, and the waves have been constant which I love because I can just swim in place.  The laziest exercise- ever.

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