Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Autumn Almanac"

I am back to normal after my first hospital/surgery adventure.
Already the experience is dimming and fading.  A lot of anxiety for the easy outcome.
Not having energy, and looking foreign to myself in the mirror was not pleasant though. 
I am glad to be better.

I remembered that I never updated our new deck here for anyone who might be interested.
So that is my purpose.

Autumn came on so quickly, one day I needed rain boots not a swim suit.
A few days later, rain gear and jackets came forward and summer items moved to the back.
I keep thinking I need to go to the beach, but some gardening task or task to get ready for a return to Sweden gets in the way.
I will make the time - but not until Zok leaves for his tour in S. America.

Here is the new porch.  A lot needs to be done to fix the paths and set up the BBQ and eating area again, however I see clearly that will happen when we return and not before.  I don't think you can really see that all the paths were taken out.  Zok wants lawn put in.  There is now space between the two porches and what happens there is still a hot topic of debate in the Combs vs. Malceski household.  (Although our neighbor Sue agrees with me and that is always helpful.)  I think that when we actually have a BBQ- the experience will dictate how the yard is put in order.  I think though, there will always be a consensus that the cement porch was just plain ugly.

I have a list of sprucing projects for our return.
These used to seem never ending but now that I go and spend time in an apartment that doesn't need me at all- the spruce list just makes me feel 'wanted'.

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