Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"...she's a killer diller when she's dressed to the the hilt..."

Zok and I have added about 3,000 driving miles to the 7,000 or so air miles in our weeks away from Australia.
We have gone between extremes in both climate, temperatures and elevations.

For me, having a pit stop in California always feels the best place to orientate myself before the next journey because I have some notion that as I was born here, the air, water, and climate suits me.  This is an especially silly notion due to the fact that Northern and Southern California have much different weather.
 Today I am South so the bird noise is constant, only dimmed by the traffic when cars pass and the sun is hot and bright.

I have learned that experiences had in such a quick succession can be hard to hold on too.  That is one of the reasons I have always kept a journal, or notes jotted on scraps of paper- and now this blog.  I am always orientated to the 'now'. I need fragments to help me remember when I am in constant motion.
  Yesterday we were with friends in Bisbee Arizona, surrounded by dessert and inundated by metals.  There is a metallic tinge to everything there in that mining town, the water, the air, the surrounding hills. Water there is transitory brought in by monsoons, or hidden under ground for lean times.  Today we will be at ocean-side.  The ocean of the now, as opposed to the desert - which surely was an ocean bed of another time.

Bisbee also has one of my favorite Art Deco buildings, the Cochise County Courts building, built in the 1930s, and keeping in theme with the industrial, deco fountains that I went to in Los Angeles/Pasadena.
This building is on the west side of historic old Bisbee.


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