Saturday, November 15, 2014

Konst på Farsta T bana

Farsta is the station that lies one beyond our own, this is where our shopping 'mall' and our local library resides.  We most often walk there, but if we can't find what we want, we sometimes take this train back to our stop which is near our favorite grocery store, and our only Asian food store.  This station has its ticketing booth and hall down below in a covered area, but it is a platform station up top.  This means you would miss out on the art unless you exited the station.  This display was created by Gunnar Larson in 1982, Twenty-two years after the station opened.  

Sweetly, the sign says that the artist wanted to create the feeling and warmth of summer that could handle the wind and cold.

I wonder if all the colored tile was already in place when the artist installed the art, or if it was fitted at the same time.  I would assume that it was already there, as so many of the stations were in the early years fitted out with tile.


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