Saturday, October 31, 2015

" on and on I go...the seconds tick the time out..."

I can blame any low, any moodiness on the clash inside my brain that is October in Springtime.

I have hit the patch where I miss my husband - a lot.

There are some events coming up though that should make November go by quickly and in December he returns.

On to the positive-
I went to see a film on my birthday, at least films do not follow the madness that is 'daffodils blooming in time for Halloween', therefore my film was appropriately gothic.
More importantly, the film screened in this newer room at The State Cinema that I have never been in.  The feel of the room was a wine cellar in a Italian restaurant.  The seating was comprised of only small couches and I had a nice ledge for my sparkling wine.  So civilized.

I tried to do my interval 'fit in 6 minutes' training on the steep hill by the Boy Scout offices, but there were too many cars, so I decided to walk around the ever-improving dog park.  I had been inside the park, but this area below used to be a sort of...high risk of snake sighting, jump a gully, trample through the overgrown native grasses part of my walking route but now...
 The area has been tamed.

Meanwhile Spring continues with fits and starts, quite warm one day, and quite cold the next.  The lilac tree is just starting to show a promise of blooms, the magnolia tree is done, and the waratah looks amazing.


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