Monday, December 14, 2015

"One minute she was asleep, the next she was completely awake and dumped into despair."

We have been home a week.  Some are still jet-lagged, or maybe the tiredness has been earned from all the work each day, in the garden, and renovating the garage.
We made time to go to the Farmers Market which has grown so much over the last six (seven?) years.  I am always pleased and peeved at the same time that there is peanut butter, iced coffee (American style), and even lemonade (American style)- pleased as I want all of those things, and peeved that people were always resistant to me when I wanted them.  But, I did always say that there was a place for each person to dream up 'their' Tasmania, against all the people who like to say "Oh, that won't work here."

Even with decorations I have no feeling of Christmas.  I said "Happy Holidays!" to someone and their retort was "Not me mate, I'm not going on vacation."
The garden is growing, the hydrangeas are huge, the sun is setting later and later- cherries are in season...
None of these events make me think of Christmas.

Although these guys, purchased from the grocery store in Slussen, cheer me up a bit-


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