Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Konst på Östermalmstorg, Siri Derkert

Östermalmstorg Tbana

This area is commonly spoke of as the 'rich' part of town.  I will say that I do not find myself in this station very often, the immediate area has the designer label shops and I, myself, am devoted to second hand.

The sign regarding the art here, is that a special technique of rock blasting was used to etch the walls like pencil on paper.
The art was meant to highlight famous/hisorical women who have made strides towards enlightening people with regards to peace movements, and injustice or inequalities towards women.

In a way...I think the location for this is perfect.

*Sometimes in the station there will be a piece that doesn't exactly seem to go with the rest, but I can't always find a second sign for them, so these remain a mystery- as with the one pictured below.


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