Monday, February 5, 2018

...just a Yank...trying to be a Mate...

I have been alone, I have been among strangers- volunteering time to go door-to-door in neighbourhoods near where I live with a candidate that is standing for office in the next election.  
In part I chose to do this because I am learning about the political system and in part because so many people have lived here their whole lives that I feel I will gain insight by listening to them.
Also, the state elections here use a method called 'Tasmania's Hare-Clark Electoral System' which is apparently different from other states (which I of course, do not know about firsthand). 
We list candidates in order of preference.  I have had differing explanations of this, but finally I have found an explanation on the Internet here:

I thought I might be too fearful, but my curiosity seems to get the better of me.  I thought I would be a bit offended when people couldn't be bothered, or are irritated that someone is disturbing them...but mostly that has been okay.
I realize that really, I am the type of person that isn't always very gracious when I am interrupted and I now, vow to do better.
Self-servingly I like to have a legitimate reason to walk up peoples drives, especially to houses I have always walked by and thought 'Gee that looks like a really happy home.'

I am a bit deflated that 'compulsory' voting seems to partially make people feel like they are forced to do something unpleasant like go to the dentist.  There is no fanfare, no stickers that say smugly "I voted!".  People seem un-engaged by the process or worse, completely believe that the whole system is a waste of time.
I want to shout "Sure things are pretty good now, but they could turn badly if you do not pay attention!"
I fear, that I am looking for positive affirmation in these conversations for what I already believe, even though truly, I am trying to listen and learn.

While I had the house to myself for a week I did some repairs that took more time than I thought they would, I was waylaid by a really hot day-
I watched some sappy movies, I did my best to catch friends by phone long distance.
I have this feeling of being behind but I couldn't articulate why.
This tangle of politics will be taking up my month.

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