Monday, March 21, 2011

"...going to California with an aching in my heart..."

I am feeling at home in the land of car culture, even traffic seems okay to me because I know that if I kept going, I could reach a place, not loop back to where I started.
I was very tired on my first day, the afternoon flight is not very conducive to keeping oneself on a normal sleeping schedule.
My (wonderful) friend picked me up, and we did an errand, wandered his new neighborhood (that I am falling in love with and will do a post about later) and finally ended up at the Norton Simon Museum, pictured here.
There are some great pieces in this museum, but more importantly the building and grounds are lovely and the collection small enough to manage in one day.

Now, that I have lived in Australia for a length of time, I notice all the Australian plants used in California and of course I now know that the Gum Tree is not native to California as I believed when I was young and unaware of Australia's existence.

I am having a lovely time, excited for my first road trip and eating Mexican food to often.
Plus with the dollar exchange being what it currently is- the fact that I can buy nice, strong, beer from a micro-brewery for $6.49 is AMAZING.


Anonymous said...

LA is better when you are in it.

Pip said...

I miss you, Sookie!

@jeanniepolson I told Colleen to give you a big hug from me. Make sure you get it ok?