Sunday, March 27, 2011

Treasures in the tar pits

I won't bother to try and describe the sprawl of Los Angeles,or how sometimes a drive that should be one half hour turns into two hours-let's just say that it does happen.
Visits are constrained by freeway access and by the time periods that no one with a choice would choose to get on a freeway.

I have seen a lot of people, and I have loved that.

I took the Australians around to a few places they (thought) they wanted to see, and to find some items not yet found.
See here:

I braved a few areas filled with the ghosts of another life, and survived.
The benefit of all this rain in Los Angeles is the few of the hills from all sides, a if not rare, still not a common sight to see.

I went to the AAA office for my Trip-tik book, plus free maps and guides for the trip to Austin Texas, via Bisbee Arizona, this week.
I am looking forward to an open road- with less commuters, and more amblers.


sinceyouvebeengone said...
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Saff said...

I liked the tar pits, the floating wooly mammoth was super creepy