Sunday, July 17, 2011

" running up that hill...with no problems..."

I went to another outdoor workout session with some of the great ladies of STRD.
The league is still on 'semester' as is most of Stockholm- shut down for vacation through July and into some part of August.
This time we met at Nytorget (Neeetoree-et) a park near our apartment and (ran!) to a free ferry that took us over to a huge hill where people can ski during the winter, essentially in the middle of Stockholm.

A bonus to the running, (gasping, dying), was that I found where the round jetty was located. I had seen a photo but I didn't know where to find it. But as we came off the ferry there it was.
The whole area is a new development of "green" housing, along the waterway and locks that are located next to a nature reserve. The hill is along side the housing area and the reserve, the size of the reserve can be seen from the top of the hill, if you are crazy enough to want to scale (run!) up the hill for the view.

I took Zok there the next day to get a better look, as I find that when I can stand still and breathe I am more able to appreciate my environment.
We found a good (for Sweden) place to eat, on our side of the water which made the whole trip worth the effort.
I was told that beavers can be seen in the waterways.


Jeannie said...

The round thing is a jetty? How? It looks amazing!

Colleen said...

I read that the whole water walkway was created as part of a contest. People can sit around the tiers on the outside and the inside.
If you wanted to you could drop down into the water from the inside.

riffraffsaff said...

the jetty is amazing, you always find the most interesting architecture.

I want beaver photos.