Saturday, December 17, 2011


Here in Stockholm there is a charity shop chain called Myrona.
We have been to a few, some are better than others- each seems to buy certain items. I found almost all of my Christmas items at the one in Sundbyberg- I got our tree stand for 10 kr. (We are holding at about 6.5 kr to 1 AU dollar) Tax is included in the prices in Sweden as they are in Australia.
I got old fashioned Christmas ornaments, with the frosted glitter for about 1 kr. each.
What we haven't been able to find or decide on is furniture. We gave in and bought a folding table and folding chairs from IKEA. We have two outdoor areas that will need furniture, so when we find a better solution for the kitchen, then we will just switch out the furniture.
Our last trip out to Sundbyberg ended in no finds at all, and I was thinking we had just run out of luck. But then we heard about a Myrona we had not been to yet.
The store was HUGE.
We found so many bits of pottery, material, plates and glasses that we couldn't give proper attention to the furniture.
We found more Höganäs
and I found a couple of Xmas textiles for less than $1 AU each, as well as material I think I will make into curtains for the bedrooms for about $8.
I want the light fixture for the living room, only it is pricey. Less than a new one but expensive for second hand. But as 'the dude' would say "it will really pull the room together man". Also my idea of what is expensive might be skewed as when we left Myrona with almost more than we could carry, and I said "What have we done? We gone spending crazy!" and Zok replied, "Baby, we just spent $43 dollars Australian...".

Rain, rain, and more rain I am positive the snow will come as I fly back to Tasmania.

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