Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"...and in a dark brown voice she said Lola..."

Stockholm has a good PRIDE week and a fun parade.
I was ready to skate in the parade this year but then Zok got the festival tickets and well a girl needs to make choices...
I did go early and sit with some league mates to cheer on our skaters.

One of our league is the effervesce Swedehurt.
Derby is of course a subculture with all the trappings that comes with-
I had heard about Swedehurt before I joined Derby in Tasmania and before I knew there was a league here in Stockholm.
At that time I think she was skating with Gotham City (New York).
Sometimes I am so trapped behind her at practice I practically have nightmares about her ass- which is always sending me flying 20 feet or in my WAY!

But as you can see from the parade pictures- she is a mighty force.  She is not the only one- there are really tens of her- that are in the same league (ha ha pun intended).
I love them from any angle- even if it is from my vantage point of the looking up at them from the ground where I landed...



Monte Means said...

Did you take the photos? The top one is UNREAL!!

Owlissa said...

She looks SO fierce!