Sunday, October 28, 2012

" say its your birthday...well its my birthday too...yeah"

"It's so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas," said French painter Paul Cezanne. Many writers make similar comments about the excruciating joy they feel when first sitting down in front of an empty page. For artists in any genre, in fact, getting started may seem painfully impossible. And yet there can also be a delicious anticipation as the ripe chaos begins to coalesce into coherent images or words or music. Even if you're not an artist, Scorpio, you're facing a comparable challenge in your own chosen field. Halloween costume suggestion: a painter with a blank canvas. 

 Going to University taught me enough to shake out many of my 'alternative' pseudoscience leanings.  When I was young, and trying to put myself together in some way that I could find respectable, I would try just about anything.  Any type of therapy.  Some quite regrettably.  But maybe I needed to have first hand experience before I could really dismiss certain ideologies.  
Somehow, the astrology forecasts by Rob Brezny still have a slight hold on me.  Not so much now that I have to go online to find them.  He had a weekly forecast in a free paper in Seattle called 'The Stranger'.  
I think Seattle was the last time I had the type of friendships where a day could be wasted together without purpose.  Maybe a movie, maybe a beer, maybe high tea, maybe some self-invented treasure hunt.  I do not know if these friends had a geographical place or just some place in time, but nowadays people always seem to have limits on their time.

This year could have been like last year- with Halloween parties and practice and other sorts of treats-only I have been down and out with a cold.  I did perhaps make a mistake going out into the snow for a walk, the day I felt slightly better because the next day I didn't get out of bed.
There is still snow on the ground and the temperature is -4!
I do have next weekend to look forward too, we are having a small dinner party and we are going to the cemetery for all saints day. 


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