Friday, May 24, 2013

"...why am I always on a plane, or a fast train...what a world my parents gave to me..."

Hello Sweden Hello-
Goodbye to several days, I can't quite remember-
"Today is Friday? Really?"

Do you remember the first time you read any of Shakespeare's Sonnets?
Perhaps receiving your own copy of the volume was an important occasion?
I have a very sweet copy, given to me as a gift.
The volume is small which seemed surprising to me, for some reason I think of the Sonnets and Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal as belonging to the same category.
My copy of 'Fluers du Mal' is cumbersome, with each poem in both French and in English.  My sonnets can fit into a pocket, yet the copy is hard back, and elegantly printed.
Of course I have many incorrect impressions formed by the committee of me, myself and I.  I still think of Baudelaire's title as 'Flowers of Death' although the title translates to 'Flowers of Evil'.

Mal- mort- I was a teenager I tell myself dismissively.
The person who gave me the Sonnets almost overshadows the book in my mind.  Sometimes I am irritated that a book I love is tainted by this strong association.
More so because I have this feeling he bought multiple copies of the Sonnets and gave them to multiple people in his life.  Of course, gazing back along the many years, I should really just settle to the fact that a gift is just a gift, and a book is just a book and let the teenage angst fade away.
Why am I bothering to put so many words out into the sphere- Yesterday, Zok, Edith and Sofia and I went to see Rufus perform here:

Rufus has written music set to various Sonnets, I am sad to say I can't tell you which ones, I do not have the type of discipline that allows for remembering large passages of poetry, or well, even the pin code to my bank card.
Each sonnet was first read out loud in Swedish- I was distracted by my super power to interpret one of each nine of the words.
I was struck, seeing Rufus up there as the symphony swelled up behind his voice, just how composed and brave an artist he is.  I have known other singers with aspirations towards Opera or Symphony, thinking their fame provided the in to go where ever they fancied.  But that isn't true, a name that can generate money does help- but there is a lot of work, and skill that Rufus backs up his aspirations with.  

The night was a bit of a happy blur.
The town was pretty but we did not linger.
The symphony hall was blue, blue velvet tiered seats.
Dinner was excellent and long and yet I felt I had no time.
Did I say 'Thank You' properly?
I wish for the self control and skill of a Victorian hostess, making sure all have equal share in the conversation.



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