Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"...One minute she was asleep, the next she was completely awake and dumped into despair."

I clicked through my entire 'reading list'- aka the other blogs from people I have met or known, only two of the seventeen are active.
They have migrated back to life, in real time, or migrated with the stream that adopts the newer avenues of a more instant, faster changing flow such as tumblr, and twitter.

I think my blog is now as I always thought of it, less a letter to my friends and more a journal of events.  One left in the spare room, unlocked.  My digital means of looking backwards.

I went to MONA with Zok and our house guest Liz.  The latest exhibit went up while I was away.  MONA is large, and on the interactive side.  Most of the space is underground, which I find makes the saturation of sensory input more intense.  I like going through with people the first time, so I know where to concentrate my energies the next time I am alone.

I really liked this exhibit, it worked in tandem with another permanent space I love- the sound tunnel, part of the dialog from this visual display was also in the tunnel.  We are seated under the hull of a ship, and the screens used for the projections indeed look like eye balls.
If you are interested here is the blurb from the exhibit. 

Type in '' to view my tours this one is called 'nowhere less now' from October

Also, one of the women I met from Derby has an exhibit.
I loved it.

This one is called 'rats nest' from the same tour 

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