Friday, October 11, 2013

"...we change the tune but not the song, over and over..."

Zok and I seem unable to tear ourselves from the garden, come rain (mostly rain) or shine.
Zok is on some building mission as you can see.  I think he is making an obstacle course for the birds so they have to exercise on their way in to eat our fruit and vegetables.
He also created a new space for the BBQ now that our (new) deck is too small and too flammable for the BBQ to be right outside our back door.
I have had the chore of weeding which is pretty dull really- and seems never ending, sometimes I think "Ahhh geez just let grow big so they are easier to pull out." But of course this is how weeds spread by getting to the point where the one weed goes to seed and spreads itself.
But right now most are really, really tiny and hard to pick out through the mulch.
I listen to books and hours go by, yesterday I got cranky and demanded treats, so we had lunch and beer on our porch before calling it quits for the day.

Next month my yoga classes start up, regularly 3 x a week in the morning, so I should well be on the path to earlier starts and summer light.
Speaking of which, I have been coming to the realization that many, many people here get up extremely early, like 5:30 am or earlier.
I think I only know one person from my life outside of here that gets up at that time.  (you know who you are!).

Things that have taken up my time outside of the garden:

Have you read or heard about Malala?
The type of story that keep any complaints one might have firmly inside the brain, because of the diminished size in comparison to her life.

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