Monday, January 13, 2014

"...I'm gonna swing this song...just one more time...when I come by..."

Buying my first house was one of the very best, yet scariest things I ever did.
Owning a house to my mind was just the best thing a person could do.
To never be homeless? To never have to think "I guess I could just sleep in my car." was a safety net of incomparable measure.

Although I hit my very lowest point in life while I still owned the house, I still credit that act as helping facilitate every decision I made after.
I think in Zok's life plan owning a house was always a 'given'.  Somehow even though our lives were so different, many of our values are the same.

So we like to play the 'Let's move to the bush (country). Let's invest in land. Let's get a place and rent it out.' game.  This is a marvel, like the 'winning the lottery' game, and idea that we could invest outside of our house. But, I have to say that my time of life and place where I live has changed my outlook.  I have seen huge changes in the world and the cities that I have lived in.  Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle and even here in Hobart.  People keep multiplying, cities keep growing, industries I could have imagined are thriving and the zombie plague has yet to arrive.

By playing this game, I, of course, am also constantly realizing some truth or another I had over looked. 
A block of land in the middle of very little here means taking out your own garbage, digging your own water source or living off rain water, paying to bring in power or living off the grid.  Creating and/or paving your own road.  A 2+ hour trip to get to a movie theater or large store of any kind.
Also of course by spending so much time in Stockholm, Hobart no longer seems crowded the way it did when I was here all the time.  Also the attraction of not having streets lights, or people on all sides, and more wildlife and bird life is strong as well.

And yet...I am attracted to this development we went to look at- not up the coast but down the coast.  It is a bit of a peninsula, so in fact the area looks back to our area, but it is about an hours drive.
The area is called 'Sloping Main' which is not nearly as cool as Pirates Bay or nearby 'Doo'ville which has all 'Doo' names like the food truck 'Doo-liscious'.
It has large blocks but already has a road and power poles. Of course I like the high lots because really if the Zombies do arrive there is a tactical advantage to having the high ground.


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