Monday, January 6, 2014

the girl I want to be

Zok and I still are suffering from this horrid, lingering, cold that is going around (as we know from gossip in line at the pharmacy).
The weather is not helping, Hobart continues to be dominated by wind, rain and an average of about 65 Celcius.
This is to my opinion, lovely.  I like to sit on my porch, read, and watch the rain fall but warmer weather for swimming would not be unwanted.

We are all about projects, Zok is on his own chopping down a tree, so there have been lots of trips to the tip.
We also ordered firewood, which is now stacked and we are stocked up.
I have been tenatively routing out a road trip in the U.S., although all plans are subject to change.
I also (mostly) went through all my CDs.  When you own as much music, know of as much music, and love as much music as I do, this whole digital age is a bit of a pisser.  I can't put all the music I want in one place or even on one player.  It's a constant balancing act, made harder each time by Apple updates. 

Meanwhile I try to remember this girl: because she believes that happiness is just a choice and perspective.


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