Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Konst på Midsommarkransen T-bana

Midsommar- The longest day of the year in Sweden, where the light barely moves to twilight, and that is only for about one hour. Most if not all people in Sweden have the day off- It is an event that is hard to explain.
If you are just visiting, and do not have a local guide, the day is a bit of a mystery.  Even if you stumble upon a maypole in the park where families and friends are dancing to funny song where everyone knows the dance moves and all the words- mostly you would be lost in confusion. More than that, you might wonder at a tourist spot that is virtually empty on all main roads (everyone is away or at least in a park singing 'Little Frog Little Frog').
I think in part, one has to live through the dark- the true dark that arrives after Christmas holidays- when the snow has melted, but spring seems like a season that may never arrive.  While holding that memory, you try to endure until summer.  Then perhaps the secrets of midsommar start to reveal themselves.
I am not sure your midsommar counts if you do not go skinny dipping in a lake or some large body of water (around 3 a.m. is popular) And, I am not sure you really experience it, unless you make through the entirety of the long sunlit hours- knowing that why go to sleep- the darkness is not coming.

I think, perhaps, without midsommar in your heart, something is lost to you in the art at midsommarkransen-
I really love the copper bands all along the walls.
The wreath is made of carved wood, created and painted by a not an artist but a group working together, is so large that the photo does not do it justice.
Nor can I explain the pagen-forrest loving, communing and transitory nature of the other carving- the flowers at least keep alive the knowledge that summer will return.

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