Saturday, May 23, 2015

Do you have a possum in your floo? Then I'm your gal.

I finally made it to the one day seminar on how to rescue native animals (well okay, you could use the same techniques to round of feral cats...)


Most of the information was common sense- but there were also a lot things I wouldn't have guessed.  Such as, the occasional rare animal they have been called for, such as a huge loggerhead sea turtle (!) and very, very far from home penguins. Which animals have more than one pouch young.  Of course there were also the tips and tricks of experience.
 I am not sure how we will go with actually responding to animal rescue texts, but I do want to put a kit in the car and as the Australians like to say 'Have a go'.
Which means, 'Give it your best try'.

Also the best part, is if they do just need to be put out of their misery, that is not the rescuers job, also if it all goes really well, there is a class to learn to be carer, which means, taking care of small critters until they can get to the next step towards being re-introduced back into the wild areas.

Some of the animals stay at Bonorong, and much of the job is about decreasing animal suffering, which is why I wanted to learn, because there is a lot of roadkill, and the seldom but no less upsetting, injured animal in the yard.  I dislike thinking there is a baby animal just starving to death, or freezing to death in the pouch of a hit animal.

The dark comes early now, so I had to drive back in the dark, but luckily, (although nearly) I did not have to rescue any animals, I hit myself, on the drive home.
 If I do get to rescue something, I will write about it.




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