Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fairy Penguins...snack size

Quick few days back to Maria to help build concrete igloos to guard the fairy penguins from the increasing Tasmanian Devil population.

We had some engineering problems...
I suppose this happens when parks is dependent on volunteers...
I hope they work out in the end.

This is the entry way to the penguin igloo...hopefully big enough for a penguin, but not big enough for a devil.

I climbed up the hill to get this photo of the 'workshop' where we stay sometimes.
Camping is nicer but the nights are getting cold here.
There were only other men here this time- 
A few working on the devils, gathering data and checking cameras.
It reminded of tour.
It reminded me that I don't really like being the only fem in a work group.
I also had the sharp contrast between then (touring say 2001?) and now- being older and how men react to me- now that I am older.
It was fun, interesting, and I was happy to get home.

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