Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tasman Peninsula; Cape Pillar - A 'short' walk (Will I ever learn?)

Our Jeep is still in a 'undetermined' condition, so this invitation out was especially appealing.  Leaving before the sun rises has never been my strong point.  I associate this with either heart break (quick, hit the road and get far, far away) or of course, Mickey.  
Of course I mistakenly thought about the median age of our group, and not the fact that we were all arriving so early, and that a Tasmanian's idea of a "short" walk is one that does not involve sleeping over-night in a bush hut.
Sure, sure, I have learned to pack a lunch...but when I saw people's packs I realized that I had forgotten 'tea', and 'second tea' (or as I think of it elevenses).

We walked around Cape Pillar facing Tasman Island and later Cape Raoul.
As I scrambled over trees, boulders, up sand dunes, and almost off cliff faces (did I mention I was second-youngest and still outstripped by most?) I have to admit that I am almost accustomed to what locals think a 'trail' is- A trail is any terrain you can get through without a machete or rappelling gear.

Apparently the coast was having really high tides, and surf was unusual.
The 'remarkable' cave was indeed that.
A perfect last week event to make sure I do not forget the splendor of my adoptive home.  Also for the record- although I LOVE being here, being apart is so not working for us anymore...we had too many years where we just stayed together, or at least in the same hemisphere- so next stop, Svenska hemma.

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