Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"...make me baby...make me know you really care..." FOMA Jan. 13-14

 My gal-pal for FOMA arrived, and we started out quietly...sneaking gin-tonic-cucumber drinks into the Croquet Club to sip while watching my hero compete. Why is he my hero?  Well, for one thing he drove so I could drink!  We had dinner out in Salamanca and then went to see our first event: 'Syncing Feeling' by Kyle Page and Amber Haines.  I loved it...I wished that the Peacock Theater had more events like this...the setting and the show brought to mind what I miss about LA and Seattle.

 While waiting for our hero to arrive (who needs uber)- we wandered into a new bar, the drinks were all a bit sappy for me or so I thought until swayed by this "artisan" burnt orange bitters, coffee martini.  

After a very hot day, the day ended up changing to moody clouds.

Our second day was our stand by, dinner at The Tasmanian Quartermasters, a trip to Cracked and Spineless books, and watching 'Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)'
with live accompaniment by Antonio Sanchez(who composed and performed the score for the movie) - I will always embrace any type of 'event' cinema.  I love seeing films in odd places.  


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