Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tantolunden, a small sanctum in the center of the city.

This September has been quite warm, and bright.
I had a day alone, with no immediate tasks, so I walked from my class to my subway line instead of taking an sort of transport to connect to my line.
As the trains do not run much 'across' our side of town, one can almost walk easier than transfer.

I almost skipped going through the Tantolunden Park allotment houses, but I turned around when I realized less people would be there and I could take some photos without feeling rude.

I believe these to be the oldest allotments but there are many more set around and in neighborhoods.  The more recent ones tend to be either all garden plots (no structures) or like the one we got to stay over in a couple of years back, larger homes that families can more easily stay over.  The one we stayed in had 'facilities' in a sort of large container style...located in a corner of all the plots, for all to use.
We have both in our area, small houses near the lake, and at the edge of our neighborhood a set of garden plots.  It does feel a bit like a Christmas miracle, to be on a huge busy road, notice a small woodland path, and as you walk down it, the city noise recedes.  Finding yourself in this amazing area, with its contrast to the urban and the realization of how much nature, however small can have transformative powers. 

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