Saturday, March 10, 2018

Politics are plain depressing

The election came and went...and not much changed...the Green Party lost some ground...the Labor Party seemed to pick up that ground which was not enough ground to make a difference...which puts me back to the idea of 'splitting the vote'- there always seem to be factions within the 'progressive' side and nothing but entrenched cement on the other side.  Because of the way the Hare-Clark system- we don't know who has gotten the last seat in our electorate, the candidate I was helping is up for that seat.

I did have a nice reprise when friends came to visit and we went to MONA.  Every place in Tasmania feels more crowded- the tourists numbers seem to be climbing by 10% each year steadily and that doesn't include cruise ships.
Our home which seemed so quiet has a steady stream of cars that go by.  I can remember sitting on my porch in Seattle, with Jada, watching the cars constantly going by at our 4-way stop-and that did not phase me at all.  Neither did the size of my lot, I knew plenty of rich folk who had land size so large that traffic wouldn't be an issue- now I think about a bush block with a tiny pre-fab house that needs no work...but perhaps this is all circumstantial.  I am not good at recognizing that-I tend to feel the 'immediate' is the 'always'.

My 'Honey, would you please' list is almost complete, the sanding and refinishing of some window frames and doors were not as satisfying as I thought they would be.  Neither was the painting downstairs.  But now that I have cleaned up I at least feel that calm of...sort of the fear of tearing something apart and relief of putting it back together- and finding that it wasn't ruined in the attempt. 

Next week I am going to be on Maria Island volunteering. From what I can tell looking at photos my first time on the island was Jan. of 2014, which seems incorrect, I feel like I have been going longer but- probably not.  I do think this is my twelfth trip which is a lot, in four years. There is a lot of construction going on, as there is a new ferry service, bringing many more visitors to the island.  So although I will be getting away...I am little fearful there will be construction noise on the island as well!  I am going to do the hard hike if I have the time - the Bishop and Clerk hike.  There is a weeding location that is nearby so if we are 30 minutes along the correct route this is what I will do.  By camping- I will be away from the group already so I won't feel too anti-social heading out alone.  The island makes me wish I could navigate a boat...which is what many locals do- they just pop round the island by boat.  As if this is the most normal thing in the world to do.

No matter what, the nights should be quiet and dark.
I am looking forward to that.

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