Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Blogging out of order - S. comes for Dark MOFO Week 1

My friend S. adjusted her festival plans to include me after we realized I would actually be home this year during June. We drove down to Port Arthur for the first Dark MOFO event 'Quartet for the end of time' performed in one of the penitentiary buildings.  We slept over nearby the tessellated plates to see if we could luck into a 'social media' worthy photography opportunities at sunrise and sunset.
We didn't have much luck with that, and I proved to myself that my body still is resistant to that side of morning. I was ruined for any plans in the evening that didn't consist of being near my couch.  My guest was moving into town for late night adventures, so our rest rest worked out okay for her.
Thankfully she had only added this on to her plans that had been booked months ago, so she had better opportunities to come.  Hobart is definitely so popular that booking months ahead is now the norm.  When I found out I'd be here in July I tried to find accommodation near Cradle Mountain so I could see the park covered in snow, but everything is booked out.  

I did pull the Jeep over to photograph the road sign posted here- Something I have wanted to do for years now.

The Quartet piece was quite jazzy- which was unexpected but the performance was only an hour- and the setting was interesting.  
I realized that I don't know as much about tides as I thought, and low tide in the 'Remarkable Cave' was still too high to access the caves- 


 Winter moon outshining the winter sun during its rise

 Our underwhelming sunrise


Saff said...

To be fair, the late night I had at the festival ruined me more than the early morning. Part of me liked that 90% of the programming was over by 10pm :)

Saff said...

Can't add to my last comment. Technology fail!.
I also think this first weekend was one of the best weekends, because of the venues and beautiful bush time, and less populated Dark Mofo-ness. Even if the sunrise and sunset didn't play nice for us!