Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dark MOFO, Week 2

One of my choices (motivation in part by time of day and price)- was what I thought was an art installation by Laurie Anderson- inside a building I have never been too, and had missed being in town for the chance during an 'open city' event.
I was wrong both about which building the installation was in and about what I thought the installation was.  We went to 'Chalk Room' at Domain House.
Domain House, I read was were the original Hobart University was housed, and that the University regained ownership in 2011, and had since refurbished the building.  This was not how the building looked to me- I thought this was another one of the many unused buildings that MONA seems to get access too.
The art installation was a virtual reality installation.  This was my first time trying V.R. and I thought it was a lot of fun.  There was a flying section, - of which there was a sort of night cityscape- for me the sensation was a bit like being inside a movie from the modern first person point of view that a lot of Sci-fi films use.  I loved the experience so much I convinced more people to go with us the second time.

In the same building was 'Lou Reed Drones'- which apparently was Lou Reed's guitars and amps set up to feedback, in a continual droning manner.
I thought this was sweet, even though Laurie has lost him- physically, there art can be co-existing in the same space.  
I also thought that the location was just off the through way far enough that we got easy parking, yet could walk down to Dark Park.
Dark Park was really crowded both times we went- which was of course both really good, and a bit of a hassle.


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