Sunday, November 7, 2010

"I don't wanna know anything that makes me sad..."

I believe if you asked just about anyone around these parts that they would have to agree that overall Hobart Town is having a gloomy, rainy, spring.
I'm not throwing around accusations, I am just trying to report the facts.
I will concede that winter may have seemed brighter only because the hours of daylight were less-two hours of sun for a nice walk, then darkness for movies.
This is a nice uncomplicated relationship. Spring however has been very promising from about 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. then some drastic weather change, a fierce cold sea breeze followed by a day with cloying cloud cover that makes the air thick and muggy. Yet the light drags on until late into the evening, so one feels they should be doing something.

I promised myself I would only write about positive aspects of Hobart Town.
So let me tell you about the Sunday Farmers Market in town. Last year this market was a bit of a let down to my expectations but this year has improved.
I met a nice puppy named Rusty (a local AU red heeler) who belonged to a stall that was selling honey.
I bought coffee from a small independent roaster.
I ran into two (!) people I knew and like.
I saw one of our Derby Refs (in training, zebra foal) who has a stall selling both vegetables and vegetable seedlings. He is a favorite of Zok's.

Zok bought more tomatoes and some 'sugar babies' a small variety of watermelon.
We also got some flour from Oatlands, where some people have re-opened an old mill and are using traditional methods to make oats and flour.
I love a bit of Luddite backlash. Especially after being horrified by watching the documentary "Food Inc.".

We have also learned about a small Italian deli/store/cheese/coffee bar.
So I guess I really did not know it all...
This is why I should stay open to possibilities, and leave the perimeter of my neighborhood occasionally.


Pip said...

You forgot the part where you saw me.
I'm awesome.

Also, see you at said Italian Pantry for coffee tomorrow x

Colleen said...

You were of course 'a person I liked'...xx

Monte Means said...

Rusty! I think I love him.

Anonymous said...

That puppy stole my heart.

krisha said...

Nice to know things are happening. And always remember change happens S-L-O-W-L-Y on islands, especially yours. I was really hoping that dog was yours. I think you need that dof and should kidnap him, that might shake things up a bit!
XO wish i could come for a visit, once i make some money I promise I will. I like the SLOW.

amra said...