Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Runnin' on empty"

The rain followed me to Sweden.
My sickness also came along- although I have hours a day that are fine when I am at least able to run errands instead of being curled up in pain.
I went to check out the stairs that I was running in the early morning hours the last time I stayed here.
As you see there are many of them, and they are only about a five minute walk from this apartment.
I prefer to run them (and by run I mean a brisk walking pace) when they are dry because slipping would be a real hazard.

I am going to go check out the Stockholm Roller Derby practice tonight, more to get an idea of where the space is, and hopefully have a chat with the coach so I can see what to expect when I show up to train next week.
I had wanted to skate tonight but as I can only eat very small amounts of food, and I haven't had a full meal since last Thursday, I believe skating might be beyond me for a few more days.

Zok and I are going (just) looking for apartments on Sunday, a series of open houses to check out other neighborhoods.
Where we stay now is very central, and getting fancier all the time. My favorite second hand clothing stores are now both coffee shops.
This area is far from what it once was, as described in the Stig Larrson books.
I love to look into apartments so the process will be a treat for me.

Oddly, I feel ready to tuck into Winter but of course, this weather will soon turn to Summer...

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Pip said...

oooh please take photos of the apartments for me. I love to look at other people's homes. (creepy)

Hope you're feeling better xo