Wednesday, May 25, 2011

" slide so good with bones so fair..."

The first week here has been busy. I am finally feeling normal after being both sick and a bit weak. Zok and I went to a quote suburb unquote to look at apartments. We walked to the neighborhood and also walked to all the apartments which were open house at certain hours. We wanted to get an impression of the neighborhood, which of course here is its own island.
The range was interesting, there are much larger places to be had in newer buildings (1905) but often the overall building taxes (each apartment is a percentage of the building you live in) might be higher due to the 'newness' of the building.
I forgot that I would have to take my shoes off at each apartment which was unfortunate as I wore a shoe with complicated laces.

We also went to see a flat track Roller Derby bout. Stockholm's first public bout in Stockholm. Then I went to my first Stockholm league practice.
The floor was a sort of sticky spongy material that was on one hand good for a work out but on the other hand hard to get speed up and hard to stop which is not a great derby combination.
Of course, I am just happy to skate. Practice tomorrow night is at their bouting venue and the surface is meant to be much better.
The skaters were really welcoming and friendly. Many went out of their way to introduce themselves and talk to me.

Stockholm is filled with lilac trees and the everywhere I go there is the smell of them in the air.

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